Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne, with Revival Ministries International, are looking forward to Celebrate America just as they did in the summer of 1999 when, for six weeks consecutively, they rented Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena, for Good News New York!

Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne are inviting local churches, the community, and members of government, in which many of them will be sharing their faith, and all nationalities to be a part of Celebrate America. We are celebrating America as she turns 238 years old. During Celebrate America, we will commemorate the Declaration of Independence and what the Constitution of the United States has meant to this land. We will celebrate the heritage of America and our Founding Fathers who acknowledged “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” We will remember The Great Spiritual Awakenings of this land, the impact of which they made, and The Great Awakening that is soon to come. Celebrate America.

Dear Friends,

Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne invite you to join them for Celebrate America this July in Washington D.C. at the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Constitution Hall. Just as we looked forward to Good News New York in the summer of 1999 at Madison Square Garden, we are looking forward to this event.

Local churches, the community, members of government (many of whom will be sharing their faith), all Americans, and anyone, from any nation, who loves America, are invited to be a part of Celebrate America. We are celebrating America as she turns 238 years old. During these 14 days of Celebrate America, we will commemorate the United States Declaration of Independence and what the Constitution of the United States has meant to this land. We will celebrate the heritage of America and our Founding Fathers who acknowledged “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” We will remember the Great Spiritual Awakenings of this land, the impact they made, and The Great Awakening that is soon to come.

Pastors, leaders, church groups, youth groups, and all believers, all around America, we ask you to begin praying for America, her leaders, and for Celebrate America. And we also encourage you to make plans to join us and to be a part of this very timely event.

The evening meetings are at 7 PM; admission is free. In the mornings, Power Evangelism will take place at 10 AM. Call, email, Facebook, and Tweet your friends and family to attend and to get involved; volunteers are needed. Sign up today.

Celebrate America DC Inviting Pastors




Edith Testimony

I always strive to do all things in excellence and will continue to do so but God is showing me not to be so rigid about it.  God has shown me that I can not put pressure on my self because it was affecting every area of my life.  I expected everyone else to be like me, and that’s not how it is.  In releasing this to God, I feel so relieved and find it much easier to walk in love. I still do everything in excellence to the best of my ability and have watched those around me blossom and step up a notch because teaching by our own good example is the key.

I have learned that there are twenty four hours in a day and how to balance those hours between family and ministry.  God has put our family in a position to serve together and we are growing together like never before. Praying in the Holy Ghost has been the only way I have been able to handle all the changes that have come into play.  As I pray in a situation, I get the download on what to do, or say and I am left in peace knowing that God has the person or situation in His hands.  It has been a real faith builder to watch God provide EVERY NEED in EVERY DEPARTMENT that I have been working in.  He has shown me how to get a job done in one department by utilizing an overage in a different department.  God is so Good at showing himself strong in every area of our lives!

Gloria Testimony

The Lord has been teaching me to walk uprightly before Him and by doing that, I shall not lack any good thing. There were times when I would find myself feeling like I was lacking.  For example not having a car or some of the things I want but then I had to realize, ok what do the scriptures say? So I began quoting the Word over my life concerning provision. It honestly has grown me because I now I feel like I’ve been putting my faith out for things and I DO SEE the hand of the Lord making a way for me, when I didn’t see it before!

A big trap of the enemy is discouragement and he will use it to make you feel like you’re doing everything for nothing. Last week the Lord spoke to me as I sat in the very back row.  He said “Faithfulness does not go unnoticed by Me” and immediately, it broke me. It made me realize God sees everything I am doing, and I have no reason to feel like I am alone or working for nothing. Through it all, I have learned to depend on Him.  I’ve become so much closer to Him throughout this time because I’ve been seeking Him more.

Rachel P. Testimony

I came to The River in 2005 with my mother and father. My dad attended The River Bible Institute for first year in 2006. I was always one of those people who said, “I will never, ever go to The River Bible Institute.” But, God had different plans. In the summer, before my first year I finally decided to move full speed ahead towards the things of God. I was sitting in my seat at the last night of Igniting a Generation when Pastor Todd started a River Bible Institute and River School of Worship alter call. I sat in my seat, and when it came time for people to go to the alter; I realized my heart was beating fast. I thought “no way, not me!”, but I knew I should be up there. I fought it for a good five minutes, and Pastor Todd kept the alter call open for a while. I finally decided to just go up, and I lifted off of my chair, and sat back down… twice. I did not want to come. But, little did I know that it was going to have such an incredibly positive impact on my life. Finally, I got up and actually went up to the alter call. The moment I got to the front I began to cry uncontrollably. I got an application, and didn’t apply for a long time. I actually changed my mind about going a couple weeks later. I was sure I was not going to go. But, then the day that Momentum got back from camp, right when we got off the bus Rom Dacosta pushed me up to Pastor Todd and told him I am coming to school. It became official; I am just going to go…..Rachel P.

Nicole Testimony

It still to this day amazes me how God will come to confirm something in my life even if it is at the very last moment. One time was in the middle of my internship and I had made up my mind that I was going to quit. There was so much going on in my life that I couldn’t stand the pressure, the work load, and I felt like I was so far away from God. It was a Friday night and I was working late with the outreach department and I was planning to go to Pastor Todd on Sunday and tell him that I was quitting my internship. There was an IMSM College (student ministry) night that night so I decided to just go over and sit in what was left of the service. As I was walking over, I said “God, I’m done. I just can’t do this anymore, it’s too much and I can’t do anything right anymore.” Ben was preaching that night and he was preaching on the nations and what God had imparted to us was not for us but it was for other people and I remember that the entire service I just kind of sat there in an “out of it” state, too upset and distracted to really allow God to touch me. He did an altar call for people who felt God was burning nations in their heart and so I answered it but I had no reverence for the Holy Spirit or what He could do right then; I just stood there. When Ben came to me, the Lord spoke straight through him and he began to prophecy over me that everything I was doing right now, the place that I was at, was exactly where God had me to be. Everything I was doing and learning would be utilized for the call and plan of God over my life. It amazes me that God will never let us go. He will confirm His word in every way possible to let us know how much He truly cares for us.


Timothy Testimony

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells two parables: the first about the Word of God being sown in four different types of ground and the second about a Pearl of great Price. The Word being sown on different types of ground represents the Word of God and the conditions of a man’s heart, man’s ability to receive what the truth of God’s Word. The Pearl of great Price parallels how once we have found the Truth of God’s Word, how strongly we recognize the Truth and what our resolve to keep and protect that Truth will be. God’s Word can only change us as much as we are prepared to receive it. This is determined be the “temperature” of our heart, or what kind of “ground” we have for the Word of God to take root in. It is, therefore, vital for us to keep our heart in a state of humility and thanksgiving before the Lord. The Pharisees knew the Old Testament forwards and backwards; and yet, they could not tell that the savior of the world had come. We can be in the middle of doing a service in the name of the Lord, even in the very House of the Lord and still not receive the Truth of God’s Word. As long as we are thankful for what the Lord has done for us, consistently acknowledging our debt to him that we can never repay and seeing that only by excepting what was done on the cross can we have salvation, we will keep our hearts in a state of readiness for the Word of God.

Marcus Testimony

Pastor Rodney’s recent series on the word being sown into the hearts of men has been an interesting journey for me. Because of mental reconstruction process that God has put me through since I’ve been here; I had to learn how to throw away things that I thought that I had a good understanding about and receive the inerrant word of God without spot or blemishes. Initially, being brought up in a type of the word of faith movement back home in Panama City, we were taught about sowing and reaping a lot. Most of the messages were geared towards pastor giving us a manufactured conviction message about how we should be giving to his ministry and how to use the Word of God to break down and never building up. We didn’t see a lot of the flaws until our church split years later. I’ve learned under Pastor Rodney that to even be successful in your pursuits of God, you have to know the Lord’s heart. His heart is to be one with His bride, which is his church, which is us. In our pursuits of Him, we are destined, all of us, to find Him and to continue on in our lives with Him. As we spend time with Him, we develop His character and begin to look like and speak like our Father. The word of God that begins to sustain us, and comes out under test and trail, guides us, comforts us, makes provision for us, heals us, and nurtures our spiritual understanding must be sown into our hearts by the Holy Ghost before it manifests it’s work in our lives and brings us into full knowledge of Him.

Michael Testimony

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I first heard the word of GOD at a very young age thinking Sundays were a social event. Brief testimony drugs and alcohol for 35 years , I knew something was missing in my life just wasn’t sure what , my heart was hard as a rock , full of anger hate and rage if it was not right I wanted to do it my flesh ruled what I did, if it felt good I did it. My mother and stepfather prayed for me, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 17 + years ago being fleshly and wanting to do things my way did not work. I still wanted my way, God had a plan, I would hear Gods word but wouldn’t stand on it, the devil would steal my joy. Between my flesh and thoughts any little mountain was an excuse to do things my way, finally after three time s in prison losing all I worked for all my life , no friends , no family , nothing left , Jesus Christ had my attention, I know what a merciful Lord we serve , people all over the world would pray for me and Jesus Christ opened the doors for me because it was not a possibility for man or money could not help me but my stony heart was finally fleshly and started producing fruit, if you will speak and hear with faith the word of God it will produce fruit in his time.(Romans 10:19)

Shani Testimony

Prayer. Prayer. And more prayer. God has called us to pray without ceasing. It is our communication from man to a holy God. I truly understand the power and necessity of prayer. There is an urgency in my heart to pray like never before. There is the coming of a one world government so we must pray for our political leaders.  The Muslim religion is making its way to public schools so we must pray for our teachers. Many people’s homes are becoming foreclosed so we must pray for our finances. People are getting sick and we must pray for healing in their bodies. We must pray with fervency and zeal like never before. At the same time the Bible says “don’t be anxious in anything but with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, make your requests known unto God.” (Philippians 4:6) Are you making your requests known unto God and not complaining to man? At the same time, we must be grateful. Enter His gates with thanksgiving and enter His courts with praise. Thanking Him builds our faith up that it is done. It makes God bigger and the problem smaller. There is nothing too hard for Him. Thank You Lord for hearing us and answering our prayers according to your will!

This is a season of new beginnings and great things are in store. This year has been challenging but very rewarding. I am ready for what God has for me and ready to take it on with the boldness of Christ.