Live What you Believe

When we first visited The River at Tampa Bay with Rodney Howard Browne, we were very interested in what his doctrinal beliefs were. Of course, many opinions were circulating and we wanted to know the truth. It just “happened” that every night for the next week we were taught at his Bible School what he believed and the doctrinal stance of his ministry. By the end of the week, my husband turned to me and said, “Rodney Howard Browne believes exactly what we do except for one thing. He lives it!” And isn’t that “true” believing–living it? The Bible says in James that faith without works is dead.

If we truly “believe” the Word of God, then we should truly “live” it! Dr. Rodney believes and lives the Word and teaches others to do the same. His faith is alive! For more teachings log onto Rodney Howard-Browne and Revival Ministries.

Unbelieving Believers

My husband and I were raised in churches that “believed” in miracles. The problem was that we rarely saw any. Most people that were prayed for were not healed or did not receive a miracle in their body. Consequently, we taught what the Bible said about miracles but became “unbelievers” in our minds.When we came to Florida to ”check out” Rodney Howard-Browne and his ministry, the first services we attended were healing services. Each night we witnessed miracles. The first night, we saw a lady healed of cancer. She was at the point that it was in her brain, her speech was extremely slurred, and she couldn’t even count to ten anymore. After Brother Rodney ministered to her, he told her to do something she couldn’t do and she immediately counted to ten and her speech was no longer slurred! The second night a lady with a withered leg was healed–the heel of her foot touched the floor for the first time in her life (she was about 20 years old and had undergone YEARS of therapy and had never had her heel touch the floor ever before!) The third night a man on oxyen that had emphysema got healed and ran around the building–free of the oxygen machine! Normally, he couldn’t have walked ten steps without passing out!What wonderful things to witness. These nights changed us forever. We became true believers!

The Great Awakening to Sweep America!

Rodney Howard Browne and his team of revivalists have already “woken up” thousands of people around the U.S.  This week he will be in Gainesville, Florida.  And the next few weeks he will be in Florida and Georgia.  Check out his itinerary at A great awakening with Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, then go to one of the meetings.  You’ll never be the same again!