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I led a burly guy to Jesus and Jed received Christ. This was my first time; 10 souls.


Last Sunday was great at the River Church at Tampa Bay! The children’s ministry had about 70 children who were 3 to 4 years old. All of them received Jesus as their Savior and were delighted to receive Him as Lord. After the children had accepted Jesus their countenance changed and their behavior changed.  There were so many happy faces all over the room. I could feel the positive energy and excitement exuding from the children. Peacefulness was in the room as well. Some of the children, who missed their moms when they first came into the room, stopped crying, and enjoyed the activities along with the rest of their newly found friends.

 It really gave me joy to see the children enjoying themselves. They eagerly learned many lessons about Jesus. There were several games and activities for them to participate in. They seemed to enjoy the games and lessons, which involved singing and dancing the most. The joy of the Lord was evident in the laughter displayed as the children’s teachers talked about the Lord and various stories in the bible.

 I loved to see the children worship Jesus. They did not hold anything back from the Lord when they praised Him. I could see that the children genuinely felt the love of Jesus the entire time they were in the room. When you see the love of God on children’s faces, you know Jesus is someone worth knowing.

 There are many things that I could say about what happened last Sunday, but the most important was that the children received Jesus and grew in their relationship with the Lord. The presence of the Holy Spirit was felt when the children worshipped the Lord. There are no words to express how much the love of Jesus touched their hearts.

K Noyes
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Rodney Howard Browne Summer Camp Meeting Quick Clip

Take a quick look at 30 seconds of this Rodney Howard Browne video clip from Summer Camp Meeting

 Last Sunday on December 13 2009 was such an amazing day, It was my first time working in the Childrens Church and most certainly will not be the last, there was so many kids getting saved and they just loved the lord and loved that he loved them, they had so much fun and loved hearing the story’s a bout Jesus Christ that was told in class, it was also very good to see that most of them were not really there just for the presents and had a lot of fun, I have to say the future looks very bright and not only just that, the parents were great and greatly Impacted as well.

I have to say i had no idea what to expect on this beautiful Sunday morning especially when it was my first time working in the kids church, the kids were all so cool and smart young kids, especially for the age of 5 years old, they were all so joyful and happy to say that they except Jesus as there lord and savior and invited him into there harts, I would love to see what great things the lord has in store for all these kids.

I believe the seeds planted in them on this beautiful Spirit filled Sunday morning will be wonderful and I can’t wait to see how many of them will come back next week. I only wish that I spoke Spanish for some of the kids who didn’t understand me although we did have people who spoke Spanish and I know that they got to these kids just the same, glory to God and all his wonderful works. I know that all of these kids will have a wonderful effect on there community and affect many as they grow wherever they are.