Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | James A Testimony

This is my first time out witnessing and the Lord used me to lead 25 souls to Christ. It started out with lots of rejection but as I pressed in God began to just save everyone around me.

I wasn’t able to help with a lot of the outreach when they were handing out the food and toys to the kids, but to see what has progressed over time was such an awesome blessing to me. I have been helping out with the worship team and you get to see all the new people grow in there relationship with God through there time in worship. These out reaches are making such a difference in there lives. I’ve seen so many people that have started coming to the river Sunday morning services and during praise and worship, they are just standing there and waiting till it ends, or for something else to take place.

But as the weeks progressed and they kept on coming back for more they began to step out and grow in the things of God. You see them pressing in harder and more every week! Then this past Sunday morning you see them even helping out with the out reach and all that took place. Then also being able to see the faces of all the people that come to the alter is such a blessing. Knowing that you had a part in bringing them to the Sunday morning services is such a rewarding feeling. This past Sunday morning at the river impacted my life in so many ways.

God has opened my eyes to see what the impact we can have on this community just by reaching out feeding them spiritually and physically. Thank you so much Pastor for letting us all be so involved in this awesome ministry!

James A
Not known Hawaii United States