Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Cora R Testimony

Awesome time now I am in the Salvation Army. I always had fear when it came to witnessing. Today was not a problem. We witnessed in a town I previously lived in growing up. I saw some familiar faces and had boldness to approach them. Everyone I led to the Lord was very open and touched. I asked God, “Where’s the children?” He answered immediately. A bus load drove in. Ministered to them. My heart yearns for children and single women. It was easy. I led 2 boys to the Lrod and could see them transformed. I can say from today on I am able to share the Gospel. Just do it. Praise God!

This past Sunday, December 13th, the River Church had an amazing outreach called Operation Raven. The church gave out 1,000 toys to kids in need of presents, boxes of food to each family, hot dogs for the kids, and even a bike give away. Over 300 church members volunteered to make this event happen. There was such an exuberant spirit of joy among all the volunteers. It was obvious that each one had donated their time willingly to help make Operation Raven possible. I was so blessed to be a part of Operation Raven and help reach out to so many kids.

     When I arrived at the church at seven thirty in the morning, there were already parents with there kids in line to register for the toy give away. The church did not open the doors until nine. I thought to myself, they think that they are here to get presents for their kids and food for the week, but today they are getting the greatest gift anyone could receive, eternal life. 

     After praise and worship, I worked in the production room over at the kid’s church. Joe Manno, a fantastic kids’ evangelist, was preaching an awesome salvation message and because I was in the back production room, I got to see the kid’s faces up close on the different camera shots.. Kids were weeping under the presence of God. Lives were impacted for eternity. When Joe Manno gave the altar call, 159 kids ran forward to give their hearts to Christ.

     The whole day was supernatural. From the first down beat of worship, to the altar call, to the toy give away, the Spirit of God moved and coordinated the day so everything flowed smoothly. The proof of the pudding was the souls that were saved all because the Body of Christ came together and operated as God intended it to.

Cora R
Not known Hawaii United States
New Plymouth (No State) New Zealand

Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | John B Testimony

People I prayed with all were my friends and they accepted Christ. They even started tearing up. Over 9 people prayed

 A few weeks ago The River of Tampa Bay began planning a Spanish Christmas outreach. Many details were discussed and many man hours were put in to prepare for such a large event. So, after many hours of prayer and preparation the day finally came.

 The first thing I saw when making the corner into the church property was a parking lot about a quarter of the way full with the cars of the many volunteers who were there about an hour and half before service. Also we had eight charter buses parked out in front of the church getting ready to make there rounds .This was expecting I knew that was going to be a big day for Jesus and we would get to be a part of it.

This was to be an amazing experience. To see so many of Gods people work together for one purpose, SOULS, was so encouraging. I believe that it was a life changing day for the 1335 people in attendance. We saw over 300 River members serve in the ministry of helps. With 345 people answering the altar call. To be apart of something that has such an impact on eternity was a huge honor for us all.

Pastor Rodney closed the service, but the day was not over. Pastor Eric then made the announcement that it time for us to give away the toys and the boxes of food; After the church emptied into the parking lot, many children were blessed with toys that were given to them in the name of Jesus. To actually get to physically show these children the goodness of God is awesome .But not only were the children blessed; the adults were given food that should last them about a week. Which means we were able to feed them spiritually and physically. This is what people need to hear and see, how much God loves them. We are so thankful that God is using us for His plan and purpose.


John B
not given Hawaii United States

Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Tyler M Testimony

I am 13 years old. I led 2 people to the Lord today. Today is the first time I have gone out witnessing. I prayed for a man who was serious and got touched with the joy after he prayed the prayer of salvation. It was fun and easy with the script I had witnessing door-to-door today.

 I was in the 6-12 children’s ministry on Sunday, the 13th of December. Joe Manno was leading the service and it was awesome for the kids. The children were super excited the entire length of service. All of the games involved the children getting messy and having a great time, while teaching them about the word at the same time. In one of the games they kids were smashing plates of whip cream into their faces, ashed a raw on their head, then they had to wash their face with water.

The whip cream and the raw egg represented sin in their life and the water represented Jesus and his cleansing power to wash their sins away. The children loved the game because they got to get messy but they also got a good message that they could remember about sin and Jesus’ power. After the games were done, Joe had a message about what Jesus did on the cross. Joe was not afraid to tell them how Jesus suffered and what the roman soldiers did to Jesus. After finishing the message, Joe simply asked the children if they would like to step over and get on Jesus’ side and not the devil’s side. Almost all of the children raised their hands. It was awesome how the Holy Spirit drew them to Jesus. There was no coercing in his asking just the love of God. He asked the children to come up with him on the stage and the stage was full of kids, over 150 first time decisions to accept Jesus were made.

That was awesome! I was amazed to see how much all of them just wanted Jesus to come into their lives. Most of those children were first time visitors, many from the bus ministry. I have no idea what will happen in those children’s lives, but they will always know Jesus’ loves them and they can always run to Him when they are in trouble. I may not see any of them again, this side of Heaven but I know God is going to do awesome things for His kingdom through many of them.

Tyler M
Hawaii United States

Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Cathie E Testimony

I led 14 people to the Lord. I prayed with an elderly couple, asking for blessings for their family and their business. I read the salvation script. They sincerly and intently prayed and gave their hearts to the Lord.

Wow what an awesome service that Sunday the 13th of December. God totally moved, as he always does at The River. People were delivered, set free, healed, and changed forever. It was totally awesome to see the people that call themselves as part of The River mobilized. From the people that help on the bus ministry, who get up extra early just to bring in the people who are less fortunate and don’t have transportation, but want to hear the Word of God. They are hungry for God and The River is definitely a place where they will get fed, to the people who help in the food ministry, packing and distributing the food boxes with love.

It truly is so much better to give than to receive. Well I could go on and on about the awesome people at The River and I am so happy and grateful to call myself one of them. That day I helped in the nursery, we had about 45 I and 2 year olds that day, boy was that an adventure, but what a privilege it was to be able to love and nurture those babies who may have never been loved and cared for in such a special way.  To be able to pray for them, knowing that God will watch over his Word to perform it in their lives.

God is so good! It was a very busy day for all who helped that day, but so well worth it, and what a reward will we all receive in heaven for it! T he harvest of souls was so great that day, and that is what it truly is all about, because that is the only thing we can take to heaven with us, is people. And to think of how simple it is for people to receive eternal life. All we have to do is share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them, be real people and love on them, because just by loving on them, it sets us apart from everyone else. Hallelujah! God is good! And this is only the beginning!

Cathie E
Not known Hawaii United States

See the Power of God to Touch Lives

Spoke with 3 people @ the mall and they all got saved. then I went to Burger King and I talked to a lady named Michelle and she got saved and then I saw 2 guys and they didn’t pray. I had a lot of fun. I also prayed with my friends and they all got saved. 6 people got saved

Sunday December 13th 2009 was the first of our two Christmas outreaches. It was such an anointed day of lives being changed and people getting touched by the fire of God. I was ushering that day and it was awesome just to see the joy on the peoples face when you welcome them to the River and find a nice seat for them. Its awesome because I am on the front lines in the neighborhoods soul winning and telling people about the church. It just touches you to see the fruit of your labor. When you get to build a relationship with those people in the neighbor hoods that come to the church and you see them walk in the door it just touches your heart. Sunday there was just an awesome move of the spirit.

This harvest is great, there were hundreds at the altar call there to give there lives to the Lord because we all know that the Bible says, that the gift of salvation is free, for whosoever who shall call upon the name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED!!! ( SOULS ) This is what it’s all about souls. That is the only thing we can bring to heaven on our account. But every Sunday when I see the massive harvest that we have, it’s just a great blessing to me.

This ministry has totally changed my life, and brought me out the world and into God’s FIRE!!! and now I am totally sold out for Christ. The main event is an awesome time to just press into the presence of God, and the River ministry is an amazing group of people without all the members of the church and the school we could not do this, but we have the most amazing group of sold out people in the River At Tampa Bay that make this ministry possible.

Jordan B
not given Hawaii United States

Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Tina D Testimony

Today in the city of Kapaa, I met with a girl whose sister goes to my church but she did not and was into saved 5 min (or so) before I came into her store. She was just asking God to forgive her anyways. I read the script and she got saved. Jake always added in the prayer that “I forgive everyone” and after she prayed with me. She told me about her hurt and unforgiveness and let it go and forgave. I was so excited because as I was praying with someone in my church’s family. I know God is sending the right people to pray with her without us. Thank you for teaching me.

On December 13, 2009 there was a Spanish outreach that changed people lives. Many people stepped up to the plate and volunteered. It was so awesome to see the body of Christ come together as one to be a blessing to our community. Many children left with a smile on their face and many families left with assurance that they will have food for the week. It is such an honor and privilege to be part of this ministry and that day I was able to see every single department how everything flowed. I am Dominican so I was able to communicate with the visitors and children. As I did the follow-up calls the next day I realized that many people were filled with joy and wants to come back to the church.

Now you may think they want to come back because of the toys and food but in actual reality they said it was because they loved the people here and enjoyed the service very much. The altar call was full of first time visitors being touched for the first time and filled with the Holy Spirit. It is such an honor to be part of this ministry and to know that every single person that help make this happen will be rewarded some day. This is what it’s all about, winning souls and making a difference in people lives.

This event not only changed people lives around me but it also impacted my life to know how blessed I am to bless others and their family is the best thing in the world I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This outreach was one of the best I have seen yet and I know there will be many more to come I am excited to see what God will do in the future.

Tina D
Hawaii United States