Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Lou Wan C Testimony

I was born on Kauai and went to Bi Island 15 years ago. I have been witnessing on my island, but today was the first time I witnessed on Kauai where I was born and I led 9 people to Jesus today. All of the people I witnessed to knew me and they commented that I was radiant and a different person than when I lived here. They appreciated what I was doing and told her that Kauai needs this.

I never thought I would do bus ministry, my brother had done bus ministry and I remember him always talking about the people and how rewarding it was. Well, he was right, I’ve been involved in a lot of helps ministry at the River but this is by far my favorite because I’m walking in my destiny simply by meeting the needs of the people; ministry.

That’s what ministry is all about no matter if it’s in Tampa or across this country or even on the other side of the world, and I must say its nice not to have to be jet lagged in order to see hundreds of people get saved and blessed and lives changed. We can do what the bible talks about in Acts 1:8 “….and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”  This past Sunday The River @ Tampa Bay that’s exactly what we did, we hosted “Operation Raven” where we gave away hundreds of boxes of food and toys to underprivileged families in need.

I was lucky enough to be a part of this seeing first hand the faces of the children and the parents get on the bus feeling exhausted and beaten done with the cares of life and after service feeling refreshed and blessed, saying “you don’t know how much I needed this food”, or saying “I love this church, this is a good church,” I overheard another lady on my bus talk about how at home she felt and comfortable because she wasn’t able to dress up at other churches she felt embarrassed or out of place but at ‘her church’ she knew she would feel loved no matter what she was wearing. This is what ministry is all about, and I’m thankful that I can be apart of a church who practices what it preaches. I’ve been down here five years and every year God stretches and grows us, I can’t wait to see what He will do next!

Lou Ann C
Not known Hawaii United States

Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Joyce P Testimony

During Math class 2nd period, I read the script to Leizell during the last 30 min. of class (free time) and she accepted Jesus into her heart. My friend Tyren asked her how she felt and she said she felt happy.

I am grateful to God for joining me to the River Church Ministry. In the deepest part of my soul I have yearned for God to use me to be a witness for Him. My desire has always been to go deeper in the things of God. My life’s goal was to be used by God in the fullest and to touch the lives of people with the love of God. I longed to be used as a mouthpiece to do and to say the things He wanted me to say and to be bold while doing it. I had been looking for a church like the River since I was 21 and now that I am here I truly believe that God has fulfilled one of the deepest desires of my heart.

Everything I wanted in a church home the River provided. Since being here I am in awe at how God answered my prayer in detail. Since coming to the River I have been eternally changed from the inside out and I have been used mightily to touch the lives of many people. I am grateful to God for allowing me to be apart of such a Holy Spirit filled church. I believe the vision of Pastor Rodney and Adonica to see souls saved is evident in our church and the vision has passed down to the congregation and has now become the heartbeat of my life.

Because of this ministry I now feel revived, alive and energized to fulfill the call of God on my life. As a result, of Pastor Rodney & Adonica and the River church family I now have a passion for lost and a greater hunger for the things of God. I know that since coming here my hunger and thirst for God has heightened and my craving for souls and the things of God will last a lifetime.

Joyce P
Kauai Hawaii United States

Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Vince V Testimony

All week I have seen soul-winners going out. I went soul-winning in Maui. I am a director of minstry. I am getting lots of feedback from the people winning souls.

On Sunday, December 13th, we in the bus ministry had to be at the church earlier than the normal time of  7:00am.  We were expecting a larger crowd than usual due to the fact that on this particular Sunday, we were to give out toys and bicycles to the children for Christmas.

Well, it was a good thing we started earlier for my usual route because the buses were full after the first two stops, but we were prepared with another bus just two blocks away.  Normally, the buses are about 1/3 less filled.

All the kids were very excited and had to wear wrist bands in order to receive their present.

My being in the food ministry also, gave me another viewpoint.  I could see a very busy day loading the boxes of food to be distributed later after service.

We have a very faithful group of bus riders who help in this ministry.  It’s an all male group that helps load the boxes of food on the buses each week.  We have gotten to know each other very well and enjoy each others’ company while doing the ‘behind the scenes’ work.

But on this particular Sunday, we asked if anyone would mind helping, if needed, to hand out the toys.  Although we had already been told that we had plenty of help, not one single guy said, “No”.

They really are a special group of men, because what they do each Sunday is hard work and with the holidays around the corner, we are expecting to get even busier.  But, that only makes us even happier to know that we are going to be really busy!!!  Praise God!

This Sunday we all had a great time and everyone left in high spirits.

We are all looking forward to next Sunday.  It promises to be an truly exciting time for us that are involved with the bus and food ministries.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Praise God!!


Vince V
Not known Hawaii United States

Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Sedrick L Testimony

This was my first time soul-winning. There was a scary looking guy that was smiling afterwards. I led 5 people to the Lord. Go for it.

I was thrilled to serve my house and Pastor’s Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne with an awesome Super Sunday week-end [13th December] 09. Being apart of The River Tampa Bay church, as well as being a Bible school student has changed my life. The things God has shown me, taught me, etc have been life changing.

 On the 13th of December, I had the privilege of working with The River Kids. Little did I know what a surprise I was in for. Growing up with parents who are pastors, travelling the world with them on revivals, I could say that I’ve had my fair share of attending more than 100 different children’s churches. But I can truly say that Sunday, the 13th of December, was something I had never quite experienced before, in a Children’s Church. At the age of 20, I truly wanted to be a child again.

 I had never heard such a massive scream in my life, as to who loved Jesus – The boys against the girls. Competitions that even I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of. The children were truly captivated with the message Joe Manner had put across to them, using eggs, whipped cream, and water as a demonstration of sin and how God washes us clean. (I’m sure you can imagine how fun that would be.) The children learned about how God loved them – and watching 154 children give their lives to Jesus, in just 1 service, was powerful. We also gave away toys (including bikes), to all the children between the ages of 0-16years.

 Never before had I seen such a change in children. They had walked in the doors of The River Kids in the morning with such a weight on their shoulders, to then them leaving with smiles, toys, and the joy. They, having had the most fun in a long time, with a message of how special they, are and how Jesus loved them. Children of all ages, backgrounds, and races; at the end of the service, all had something in common – that Jesus lived in their hearts. I’m beyond blessed to have helped out with The River Kids.

Sedrick L
Hawaii United States

Great Awakening Tour City #15 Kauai, Hawaii | Dolly C Testimony

Today I preached to 5 people it was awesome, it was a new experienced to me. I would love to do it again. Jessica was a cool leader. she helped us a lot because at first we—really shy it was fun

This was my first Sunday in the children’s church. We arrived at the church at and were given information and our assignments for the day. The children were to sit on the floor along marked lines, boys on one side and girls on one side. My job was mainly to be responsible for the girls on two of the front rows.

 I felt like things over all went quite smoothly in children’s church this day, taken into consideration the number of children that was present, and the fact that for many of them it was their first time coming. I believe that was both because the qualifications of the regular workers and the presence of the anointing.

 It seemed like the kids enjoyed all the games, and also the excitement when four bikes were given away. When it came time for preaching to the kids, the children’s minister painted a very vivid picture of Jesus suffering and death. The children listened well most of the time. It seemed like at the end, though, some of them had reached the end of their attention-span. When the alter call was given, approximately 150 children responded. It was great to know that many of these children had come on the buses and was a harvest from the church’s soul winning efforts. We know there was great rejoicing in heaven.

 I noticed especially a little girl of maybe 7 or 8 years of age that probably came on one of the buses. She seemed to be a little easily distracted, and I was thinking she might be from a difficult home-situation. As the gospel was preached, I was not sure whether she listened to what was said or not. But when the alter call was given I was happy to see that she went forward together with all the other children.

 It is wonderful to see how the kids respond to the gospel. We as adults have a lot to learn from them. I am reminded of how Jesus told the disciples in Matt.18 that they had to change and become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. It seems to be easier for children to humble themselves and realize that they their need for help and a savior.


Dolly C
Hawaii United States