Great Awakening Tour City #19 Louisville, Kentucky | Jake P Testimony

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11 people confess Christ. First time ever for me. Praise God Last night I met a young man in the mall who said he was an atheist. I shared gospel script. He got saved. Then another team member met him and he was happy that he accepted the Lord. Aso the other day we met a lawyer outside of courthouse. I asked him if he would go to heaven and he said “No”. I shared the gospel script and then said I’ll pray for him. He said, “You can pray for me, but I’m an liberal existentialist.” So I prayed for him and then he got saved. Gave him DVD. The person who was with me had a word and said, “You have been hurt from the past, God is healing the pain of the past.”

Jake P
Oklahoma United States

Matters of the Heart

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I have been so blessed by Pastor Adonica Brown and Rodney Howard Browne. This wonderful class on matters of the heart covered so many questions I have had since young. One of the questions was what the voice of God sounds like. Quickly learning to slow down and listen to my heart was key. I have always tried to think really hard and force myself to hear something, but God speaks to the heart not the mind, I know because He spoke to me.

There were also many references made to being a good husband and a good parent. I took every word said as gold from her lips. I have been called to work for the kingdom and I plan on being married very soon. There was a lot I found in myself that I could work on but it made me happy that I could be this great husband that God has called me to be. One thing that stuck out was when she spoke about never leaving your spouse for a long period of time. I was set on doing this if the opportunity came up to go preach the word, but ministry is second to my wife and family. I will now stay with her so the enemy has no chance to divide the home.

Pastor also talked about being thankful for what we have now. After hearing this message to be thankful for all that you have today. I could not stop thanking God for all the blessings He has given me today. No more thinking about what I don’t have because I know that I have everything I need today and should be thankful for that.

There were so many things I found in myself that I need to work on while Pastor has been with us, it’s never pretty when God shows us what needs to be changed but its wonderful that I have the opportunity to change and become more like Him.

Great Awakening Tour City #19 Louisville, Kentucky | Leah B Testimony

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A lady coming to courthouse with her lawyer said the prayer. On the streets, one girl that stood out was named Samantha. She didn’t understand at first when one man came up to her. And we heard her talking to her parents about it so we thought that us being about the same age should talk to her. So we went through the prayer with her. Before this, she thought that God couldn’t forgive her for some of the things she has done. NH Prayed with 68-75 people(nursing homes)36 of those=salvations 1st time witnessing one-on-one. The one that stood out to me was the lady who looked terrfied & was crying like a baby as I entered the room. She had her right mind & after we prayed she was at total peace & not crying. Went back 20 minutes later to pray with the other lady in her room-she was still fine.

Leah B
Kentucky United States

Summer Campmeeting | Bjorn S Testimony

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I found you on GOD TV via the Internet. I had just received a good report from the doctor about a NODULE on my lung, Cat Scan showed NOTHING! Praise the Lord, then I tuned into your telecast. You called out for frozen shoulders. My left shoulder has been painful and grinding bones feeling for years. I claimed it and I felt a warmth in my shoulder joint and it was healed!!! Praise Jesus! I was swinging it around, loose, no pain!! Healed of lactose intolerance and food allergy. I drank milk the next day without any allergy systems. Dear Rodney & Adonica Just wanted to testify for you that the Lord set me free from 30 years of sigarette addiction when you prayed on Thursday night. I have sent you prayer request two times about my physical and economical problems but the Lord released me from that particurlar boundage first. Hallelujah! However I believe He will complete his work in me so I may be a witness and on fire trough him. Amen. Thank you so much for your annointed teaching. I look at you from Oslo, Norway via web. God bless you!

Bjorn S
Oslo (No State) Norway

Great Awakening Tour City #34 Bristol County, Massachusetts

I was in a nursing home during the Seekonk Crusade ministering to the patients. This particular nursing home was filled with many patients who were mentally challenged from previous alcohol and drug useage. What surprised me most was the fact that so many of the patients were surprised that we even wanted to come in and pray for them. According to the activities director, this was not a facility which the local churches came into. The following 2 testimonies stand out from this facilitiy: One elderly gentleman was sitting outside smoking a cigarette when he rededicated his life to the Lord. Afterwards, he told me that he was a retired priest from some small local Catholic Church. A second elderly gentleman came running down a flight of stairs looking for me after I had prayed the prayer of salvation with him. He grabbed my hand and asked me to pray for him as he was in liver failure. As I prayed for him, the anointing fell and you could see the peace of God come over this man. Afterwards he said, “thank you so much for praying for me, I believe that God has healed me.” The man was smiling from ear to ear after I prayed for him.

Elizabeth H
Mango Florida United States

Mary Fields Testimonials

Last Sunday at The River Church at Tampa Bay we took eight buses and three vans and picked up children and their families for church and a Christmas toy give away.  It was an amazing experience to look into the eyes of people as they got on the bus.  I had seen some of them only a few days earlier unsaved and without hope.  As they got on the bus they were smiling and happy to be going to church. 
It is wonderful beyond words to be joined with people of like precious faith full of love and the power of the Holy Spirit whose hearts are for the unsaved.  I have been saved for twenty-seven years and have been involved in many aspects of lay ministry.  Nothing I have ever done in ministry has been as fulfilling and exciting as bringing souls into the Kingdom. 
Last Sunday we had the honor and privilege of ministering the Gospel and demonstrating the love of Jesus to hundreds of  children and their families.  We were able to impact their lives for eternity, because now they have Jesus in their heart and a place to go to church where they are taught the Word. 
Nothing compares with the joy of seeing someone transformed right before my very eyes, because they are not only hearing the good news but they are also being touched by His love and power. I get to do this every week through The River Church soul winning ministry.  We go out in teams to areas all over our community.  We knock on doors, get on buses, and talk to people on the streets.  We find that people are eager to hear about Jesus and make him Lord of their lives.