Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Catherine B Testimony

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I lead 50 people to the Lord having set an original goal of 10 my very 1st time street evangelizing. I have two great stories: 1. I walked up to a man at the gas station ask the question, He said yes, I said why. He said because I love Jesus. I did the scale question and he said 4. I said let’s pray together so you can be a 5. We prayed and he said its funny you came over. He told me about his week and that he had a drink with some guys after work. He felt it was wrong because he had been trying to witness to them. I said we serve a loving and forgiving God. Confess and repent then go to those men and tell them although you said it was okay, it was not. Ask their forgiveness. We prayed and he said I’m going home to tell my wife. 2. Two women and two kinds stranded at the gas station. The one under the hood accepted Christ. The one in the drivers seat said I’m having problem and unless you can help me, I don’t want to hear anything. So I said I’ll help. We pushed the car into a parking space an she cried I have no way home. I said I’ll ask the team leader if it’s okay to give you a ride. We’ll be here to 4:30 so let me know. I continued to talk to her and her children then said if you need me let me know.

Catherine B
California United States

Member of The River

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There is so much to share with you.Pastor Rodney and Adonica I love you both so much. I am one of your babies from 1993. This is going to be short, but the Holy Spirit will not let me keep going without sending you both something to let you know what is happening in my life now. A year ago I moved back to Winston-Salem. Actually with fear of going to any church but The River. Pastor Rodney realy contected to me in so many areas in my life. At the time I became a member there, I had come home to Jesus after so many years. God actually pulled me to the River. Had grown up here in Winston going to a Baptist shcool and having a very disfunctional family and now an addict on meth I was a real mess. Living in my car with my rottweiler I would go to the River every time I could. At the time I lived in St Pete so it was hard to get there sometimes I would bring my granddaughter when I could and even work in the childrens church when I got a chance, plus clean the church just because I had that opportunity to. Those times when I was getting clean off of meth and no gas I would just stay in the word and watch christian TV. That is when God was telling Pastor Rodney to get on American TV. Those days were not easy but I pressed in and Pastor Rodney gave me insight to all the religous spirits that I had picked up as a child. One morning he had all the ones that went up front to look straight in his eyes as he looked at each one of us and I was set free! Over the next 2-3 years Pastor David really helped me. He was always there praying for me anytime I wanted him too. Also with anyone I would bring to The River for prayer. There are so many things that happened with God moving in my life while attending the River. Times I just came by late at nite and was able to go and pray. Pastor Rodney God is still using you in my life in so many ways. Just for one – I still watch online about 4 weeks ago you were preaching on the Word staying in the Word That everything else will pass away (You said)”your house, your car, (right at that moment I looked at my sister and said “my BooBoo- my Rotti” 2 seconds later you said even your dog. Pastor Rodney Boo went to the River with me faithfully when no one else would – after church I would take him for walks on the grounds at the River church. I had just found out he had bone cancer. He just died a week ago. Adonicas mother even prayed for my dog once when he had messed bit my granddaughter once. That moment you said that my sister started crying and I knew God was using you again in my life. That dog had been my protector for 8 years. With me in the streets of St Pete late at night when I would go out and pray for people. When I lived in my car he was with me. Well the same week I found out about his condition – The book of Esther has come alive in my life. God brought me a wonderful man in my life. We are married and have Victory Squad Street Minister. You Both are always in my prayer. And I will be sending you a newsletter on this mighty army God is raising up in this ministry. Seeing signs and wonders following in gang invested areas. Just Sat. we were inside and apt. with the Bloods and praying with them. Leading people to Jesus on the streets in the underground all over. Hopefully Jeff and I will get the opportunity to come to The River soon and share with you both what is happening here. Please keep Victory Squad Ministry in your prayers. As we take back the streets for Jesus.

Phyllis D
Winston-Salem North Carolina United States

Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Sherman P Testimony

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I was on a school bus a lead 40 kids and the bus driver to the Lord. A buddist asked Jesus Christ into their heart. This testimony was not connected with one of your revivals. I believe it to be beautiful and needs to be told. It has been told, by me, to many but never in this form. I was in a hospital bed and suffering great pain. Laying on my right side, facing out toward the door. The door opened to the hallway and to a nurses’ station. I sure I tried to make myself heard with “moanings” as it were. Hoping to catch a nurses’ ear and possibly help me with my pain. It must be emphasized that I WAS ALONE IN THE ROOM! I felt a hand touch my left shoulder and a voice repeated two words “pressure points”. The hand gently pulled me to my back, the pain dissapeared, I fell asleep and did not awake for three hours. I related the happening to my doctor and he believes it was Jesus Christ also. I want to tell as many as I can about this beautiful experience. With love,

Sherman P
Osceola Wisconsin United States

Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Jerardy S Testimony

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Our family went out witnessing on Monday. Within 1 and a half hour we were able to pray with 15 individuals who accepted the Lord as their personal saviour.To God be the Glory!A young girl who was pregnant said”I dont understand how to be a Christian” was with a friend who was a Christian.Guy was resistant at 1st “I dont want to stop and listen” As i shared the gospel he slowed down more and moe when we got to the prayer he stop.At the end he was excited wanted to know where the church was. I was on my way to a nursing home when God open the door in a Highschool to pray for a soccer team all spanish. The person in charged open the gate for us and during half time the coach gather both teams, refrees and all coaches so I stood in the middle and pray for all of them in Spanish and I also went to the bleechers and pray for everyone there at the soccer game 64 salvations. In a nursing home there was a visitor there and i prayed for all of them and after i finish the visitor said I was an angel because there was just talking about that. Also a 97 year old lady got saved and God opened her ears as well. So far in a couple of days 683 people said the prayer. Praise God!

Jerardy S
Maryland United States