Janice D. Testimony

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In 2007 The Lord directed me to bring two of my sons out to the summer camp meeting at The River! They were both called to bible school and almost immediately after arriving were telling me of how many souls they had led to Jesus! They were fortunate enough to go on a few of the G.A.T.’s

Back in the U.K. I had always spoken to people about Jesus and had led maybe 20 or so to salvation! I was on the outreach team and regularly went out witnessing to people.
However, when the boys shared with me some of the testimonies of what The Lord had done through them I became hungrier to see The Lord move in lives to see souls saved!

Winter camp meeting in 2008 I came over to visit the boys and my first soul winning trip was to a nursing home! This is stuck in my mind forever! One lady I spoke with was completely covered under the sheets, when I started to talk to her she came out from under the sheets and with a beaming smile said, “I have been waiting for you!”

Now a student at R.B.I. go out regularly with the teams winning souls for Christ! I love it when you pray with someone and they ask ‘ what is that I’m feeling’ or sometimes, ‘what are you doing to me’. You tell them it is the power and presence of God and can see their whole countenance alter, before your eyes they are being transformed!

I have become much bolder being here and have jumped onto buses while in the station and souls have been saved! It is very satisfying when you see them come to the church!

I am part of the bus ministry and now also part of the team that does outreach in Robles Park! This week will be our forth week and we are having a ‘cook out’, in English a bbq.

The first week we had fifteen come, all children. Last week we were up to thirty nine! This week will explode in numbers, as people will always come for food (and some of these children don’t eat well or often).

Grace Anne M. Testimony

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All my life I have had a love and a passion for Jesus and would share the gospel of Jesus Christ with friends, family and others. I would lead 1 or 2 people to Christ in about a month or so but it was always a long process and always somewhat hard to lead people to the Lord.

In August 2009 I moved from England to do a year of Bible School, one of the classes was called “Soul winning” to pass our class we had to lead 100 people to the Lord. I thought this was an impossible task/mission. So I attended the soul winning class and was very spectacle of the “soul winning script” that they used, it was simple, short and easy to do, for me this just seemed to true for words. I had so many questions about how could this script work? Will people really have an encounter with Jesus as their Lord and Savior?

As we went out on the streets I cried out to the Lord and said Lord let every one of these people I pray with have the true understanding and revelation of who you are what you did on the cross for them. As I stepped out and used the “Soul winning script” people were giving their lives to the Lord, people were getting healed and set free. People’s lives were getting transformed in front of my eyes.

For me, doing soul winning, for the first time ever I had this incredible revelation of how much God loved me and these people, this love that God had for us, that He gave his only Son, this love that He had for us didn’t matter what we had done or what we did do, He died on the cross for all and took all sin and sickness upon himself so that we could be free. This transformed me and changed me you can talk about the love of God but until you get a real revelation of His love you will never be the same again.

Soul winning has given me a greater passion for the lost and a deeper hunger to see souls saved! Getting my 100 souls saved was easy because it became a passion.

Dzintars T. Testimony

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For me soul winning at The River has been challenge on a completely new level. I`ve been doing soul winning rather much in Latvia, but that was in environment that is well known and accustomed to me. Here, at Tampa, it`s completely opposite another culture, people think differently, act differently, and respond differently. Everything was so distinctive that made me feel really unsafe out on the streets. And atop of all of it emerged language barrier that in many cases made communication to people extremely embarrassing.

And after couple of times (definitely not the very fruitful ones) frustration came upon the stage of my mind…and, of course, it didn`t came alone but took along a shadow of fear! At that point I had to make a decision to deal with it. And knowing that fear and insecurity are neither a blessing from God, nor even an option offered in God`s word I had to choose His way of solving this major inconvenience that was about to turn into fruitlessness. Here are some simple statements made by God that enabled me to get over all the above mentioned.. 2Tim 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 8Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord,
Acts 4:29And now, Lord, behold their threatening: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word.

Though I didn`t faced any threatening in this situation I needed holy boldness to speak His word. As I already mentioned I had done it before, but at another time, another place, to another people…and my yesterday`s boldness turned out to be insufficient for this new day and new place. But thank God He always equips me/us with all that is necessary to complete HIS mission! I asked Him and He gave me new boldness-to speak in uncomfortable, new circumstances.

And it seems that any new circumstance, especially uncomfortable one is a perfect place for birthing new boldness. Which in its turn will tear down fruitlessness and build up the Body? As for me soul winning got easier and better. New challenges-new victories! (No challenges-no victories)

Matters of the Heart

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One of the things that I was really able to understood and get out of the “Matters of the Heart” class was that no matter what happens, what you do or not do, what you say or not say, it always comes back to where was your heart . I always heard the story about how David was chosen to be the anointed one because he was faithful in the little and because of his heart. And that he was a man after God’s own heart, I always thought “wow he must have been super close to God and never sinned” but never really realizing that he failed God in many diff ways and that it was because of his heart that he was always quick to repent and quick to stand back up and keep on with his walk with God. As Pastor Adonica would teach on David’s life my eyes began to open to see how great God is and how He just wants our heart, He wants our hearts to be pure, and clean. It really amazes me to think and to know that God knows my heart, you know to just know that God knows everything about my heart and how He’s so precious towards it and how He wants to fulfill every dream every desire that I hold. It amazes me! Just like David, who messed up and looked where He wasn’t suppose to look, and then committed adultery, and killed someone..I am not perfect either and to just see how God knew David’s heart and knew David for whom he was God is the same to me and to everyone else. My relationship with God has grown so much; it feels good knowing He knows me, everything about me. This class really opened my eyes. Things that I knew and have heard a million times I never really understood it until last week. I am truly blessed!

Winter Camp Meeting | Maria Hansen Testimony

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The Winter Camp Meeting presented by our pastor Rodney Howard Browne at The River Church approximately two weeks ago, was one of the most unique and diverse experiences I ever had in my journey as a Christian.

We had the opportunity to worship the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind, to pray in tongues, to observe miracles of healing, to laugh, to enjoy and to be saturated by the presence of the Holy Spirit and to learn how to be closer to the Lord. So many events took place during those days and from my own point of view, the presence of the Holy Spirit was strong and special every single meeting by blessing, touching and anointing the ones who were so hungry for God.

From the events that took place, I will begin with the Biography of Pastor Rodney which little by little explained with such details, the call of the Lord in his life. I got so touched learning that even though he went through so many trials, difficulties and persecutions, he NEVER gave up, he NEVER quit, the opposite that encourage him to keep going until the end and reach as many souls as he could. During the thirty years of his Ministry, I consider Pastor Rodney an outstanding son of God, who has serve the Lord accompany by his wife Pastor Adonica and his children in an unique, humble and phenomenal way. It is a real inspiration to me and my brothers and sisters in Christ to follow his steps with such dedication, honor, persistency, kindness, authority, humbleness, sacrifice, excellency and goal to save and save SOULS!!!!!! Thirty years, 30 years. What an awesome CELEBRATION!!! What a BLESSING!!!

His marriage is another great example to each of us, because with his wife and children, they traveled as a team to different countries and were able to reach and touch so many lives, so many souls. Pastor Rodney is showing us daily how to be a real * Servant of God *

The other event that took place during the meeting which impacted me was the day our Pastor Rodney prayed for a group of twelve (12) deaf persons. By placing his hands individually on each of them and speaking with authority regarding the situation, was enough for the Lord to immediately perform miracles in front of our eyes, touching with the divine healing so many lives and tears of joy I couldn’t contain.

Another special day was when John Hall (Big John) sang to the Lord his own songs, which were so anointed and I was really touched. The words were simple, but so powerful at the same time for us. In fact, I wrote one of his songs to sing it daily before bed-time.

* The anointing of the Lord breaks yoke of bondage
The anointing of the Lord set captives free…..
The anointing of the Lord brings joy to dancing,
The anointing of the Lord is raining on me…………………

The Celebration of those thirty years, are opening new doors to celebrate 30 more with the favor and grace of JESUS. We are so blessed by Pastor Rodney, because he is reaching and touching around the world. Even places that are so far away, today thanks to the WEB and new technology have the opportunity to receive salvation. His VISION, His GOAL, * REACH MANY SOULS * Amen.

Searching, Saving and
Unsaved ones from the world,
Lost ones, from so far away,

* The RIVER is doing it, day by day, night by night all with LOVE, amen!!!!!