John H. Testimony

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There has been a greater boldness in my life in regards to soul winning. I have noticed in my life lately, that I’ve felt lead to tell someone about Jesus and the situation has not been the most conducive, (such as a line in a grocery store or at an exquisite restaurant;) but when given the opportunity to tell someone about the Lord, there has been such a confidence. When I feel lead, I move instantly and it’s almost like I do not have any control! I like that because I think that’s how it should be. I believe that I am developing more in knowing the Holy Spirit and His promptings. His movements become mine.

Soul winning has gone to another level in my life, where I am not just winning a soul, but I am discipline people. I have been holding Bible studies with my wife and it has been great. It’s wonderful to see some of the people you win to the Lord grow in the Lord. It has not just been soul winning, but discipleship. I have the opportunity to see how powerful the Gospel is when heard by a hungry and lost generation; how the Holy Spirit touches the lives of people and causes people to come closer and go on an incredible journey with the Father; becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ!

I have found myself doing things that I have always dreamed of and heard about in the lives of great men and women of God! I love preaching and seeing the power of the Gospel change lives! It has been truly a blessing because as I help others to know more about Jesus, God sends people in my life to teach me more about Jesus. Revival Ministries Int’l is a blessing from the Lord!

Jesus V. Testimony

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The very first time I ever went out to win somebody to the Lord was the first week of Bible school. I went out with a group of students to the inner city community, but before we went out, they had us in a classroom showing us how to use the soul winning script. They were very bold in saying, “stick to the script.” It was hard at first, but weeks went by and it started to get easier to walk up to someone and say God loves you and has a great plan for your life.

It is an awesome look that people give when they are asked, “priceless”. Talking to them to get to know who they are and what is wrong with them. Some of them are sick or have something wrong with their bodies. When I ask if I could pray for them and they say yes; right when I lay my hands on them, I can feel the anointing or the presence of the Lord coming out of me and going into them. The results of that is when I finish praying for them, and I ask them how do you feel or do something that you could not do before. They say I feel better or the pain is gone and their face is glowing, smiling big, ear to ear, and tears running down their face.

That right there is a blessing to me of being used as a vessel and witnessing the Lord at work. When they start thanking me, I tell them “no, say this after me, thank you Lord Jesus, thank you Lord Jesus.” To teach them who heals them and who to give the glory to. I have learned a lot about people since I started this adventure of soul winning. I am looking forward for the next person who crosses my path and the Lord puts it on my heart to talk to them.

John Justin L. Testimony

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Soul winning is something that is a very big priority in my life now. Ever since I started digging into the Word of God and getting closer in my walk, I have known that I needed to share my faith with those around me. I had a burning desire to get out and tell others about the God that is so great that he would save a sinner like me. The first time that I went out on the street, I went all by myself and did not have a clue what to say.

I knocked on several doors and when the doors were opened, I did not really know what to say. Since that time, I have learned to use the soul winning script from the River at Tampa Bay. It seems too simple to work, but it has changed the way that I share the gospel with those around me. Since that time, I have led hundreds of people through the sinner’s prayer and saw a hunger for God come to life in those I’ve talked to.

I have had the pleasure of leading those I work with and around to the Lord. The boldness to witness grows each time that I go out. I still get nervous every time that I do go on the street, but I do not let that stop me, because God is faithful. I have recently started leading others in my home town in soul winning outreaches and getting them out on the street. We have had several outreaches and saw several come to the knowledge of Christ.

I would suggest to anyone that is saved, to get on the street and let others know who has changed your life. If you know the love of God, how can you hold it in. I know that the hardest part for me was just learning what to say to people, but by using the soul winning script I no longer have to worry about not knowing what to say.

Jesse D. Testimony

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I feel so blessed to be a part of a Revival Ministries International. People are being trained up to go out where the lost are and get them saved. Where I’m from we didn’t have an outreach program for soul winning but I had a desire to win the lost. Since I’ve been a part of The River Bible Institute and The River Church I’ve seen that desire come to pass. Every week we go out on the streets and projects to get people saved and also to invite them to ride the bus that I’m the Captain of that will pick them up on Sunday for church.

The training for soul winning goes on Monday through Saturday and people are taught how to use the script to lead someone to Jesus. We spend time praying in the Holy Ghost before the meetings start to “build up ourselves on our most holy faith,” (Jude 20). Leaders are appointed to take groups to the different bus routes and also to places that are real close to the church and surrounding malls.

I’ve been appointed as Team Leader several times and really didn’t feel like I was ready for that. It has caused me to be stretched in my faith and to grow as a believer. This past Saturday I was co leader of the whole Soul winning Class. A few small teams went on special assignments, and the rest all went to the area of my bus route. I felt we should start the meeting with praise and worship first and to stir ourselves up (2 Tim. 1:6). Some of our classes this quarter were on the power of praise and worship, so we did this before the training. Everyone seemed really blessed by it and several were laughing as the Holy Spirit filled them with joy.

This was a very rewarding and challenging experience for me personally. We got a lot of ground covered and many souls saved. This hand on training and experience is going to enable me to continue to win the lost and train up others how to organize teams and hit the streets with the Gospel of Jesus Christ where ever I go.