Crystable R. Testimony

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I prayed with woman who was already born again she was in a wheelchair and she got out of the wheelchair.

It was not until I attended church at the River some years back that God came to Life for me. I had been to many a church with no effect. It was by the Spirit of the Lord in Rodney Howard Browne that God touched me. There are no words that can express my love and gratitude for Pastor Rodney, His wife and all His the wonderful staff at the River Church Thank you Pastor Rodney for saving my Life through Christ! I am watching on the web right now and the presence of God is so strong in my home,,,

I am being touched by the Lord right now,,,really being ministered to,,,thank you so much for bringing this broadcast! I ministered in Russia this past year and am going back in June so am very interested in what this couple have to say.

Alan C. Testimony

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I was at home Sunday night service and pastor started to call for back problems I raised my hands at home and the holy spirit told me touch  the screen when I did what the holy spirit said I fell out in the spirit at my computer and GOD touched me my dad saw this and asked if I was ok and he knew what had happened  to me I had been healed and touched by the Lord, but it did not end their the spirit lead me to go lay hands on my dad for total body resturation and when I obeyed the lord I began to speak in tongues and I fell out in the spirit by my dads bed I am so blessed by this ministry and I will be at the next service praise God for all he is doing with pastor Rodney and the church.

Young woman with (3) other young women and man received Christ.  The one young woman so grateful and happy to have had the opportunity to receive Christ Jesus.  Asked my name and said I had a friend with the same last name.  A man searching for which religion to believe/follow.  Searching all religions, but happy and thankful to hear and receive Jesus Christ.  One young man I had to chase/run after to catch up with and share the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ.  He was happy and amazed because he had prayed for a sign.  He called his girlfriend and she mentioned that her grandfather had helped to build the Skyway church.  I was so happy to see how grateful and happy many were to receive Christ Jesus.

There were 6 of us to start, we went to the mall.  Brittney right off the bat ran up to guy named Scott and he got saved.  We presented the gospel inside the mall and 9 more people got saved.  I thought Scott was cool because he stopped, listened, and was really happy, and asked for information.