Hannah P. Testimony

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My internship here at RBI has definitely not been what I expected. It has been better.

Coming into the internship program, I was not sure what exactly what I would be doing. I knew I wanted to learn different aspects of the ministry and how the ministry operated on a large scale. Since I have started my internship, I have learned how to fill out tax exempt cards, update pictures on to a website, and call pastors informing them about up coming events. There are many skills I am still learning like how to transfer a call at the receptionist desk and how to take minutes in staff meetings. By no means have I learned everything that there is to learn, so I am excited that I still have three quarters left to my internship.

I would say the number one thing that God has shown me while I have been at RBI is to walk in love, regardless of whether the person I am having a conflict with deserves it or not. Sometimes there are days when it seems like everyone has something against you, but then you have to think, “Maybe I am the one with the attitude, not everyone else.”

No matter what problems or circumstances I have faced, I know that nothing is impossible with God and with His help I can do all things