Eugene S. Testimony

This is the Great Awakening and God is shaking America once again… We know it with everything in us… I can see it in the meetings, I can see it in the streets, I can see it in the soul winners eyes… ITS HERE AND WE ARE APART OF IT!!! we were set apart for a time like NOW…I want to share what God is stirring afresh in my heart… And that is the reason why we have this great awakening … It’s SOULS… the HARVEST! I am hungry to see the power of God hit the streets like never before… I want to be used by Him… To reach a lost and dying world… To reach this land and be Jesus’ hands extended … And see this Great Awakening in America! Here’s what happened on the streets the other day…

One of the team members prayed for this guy and he gave his heart to the Lord then he called me over to pray with him for the guy to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit… He got filled right there on the spot! Then I followed a guy all the way and he didn’t want to stop and listen but i kept reading the script and he stopped right there you could see the power of God and the conviction of the Holy Ghost in his eyes… he stopped and he gave his heart to the Lord … Just by simply reading read the Gospel Soulwinning script! Then i went over and knocked on a lady’s door and prayed for her and she got hit by the power of God, tears were running down her eyes and she gave her heart to the Lord… Right there! And last but not least… A group of young people followed us around while we were winning souls and then we called them over and allot of them got filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues and the one girl said “I feel the heat, i feel the heat” THE FIRE OF GOD MANIFESTED RIGHT THERE ON THE STREETS… just by reading the script and doing what God wants us to do… PREACH TEACH AND DEMONSTRATE THE POWER…- Eugene S.

Men can’t even get near it. You are kicked suddenly out of nowhere from the inside right there in the ribs. The first feeling of life.

Revival is coming – said the Lord to me in 2003

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Revival is coming – said the Lord to me in 2003. It was something I could not really understand. At that time I was a member of small traditional Lutheran church in Latvia. Yes, I was born again. Yes, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. But revival ??? Nobody preached in my church about it. I heard from some of my Christian friends something about it. But this was time God told me personally- Revival is coming.

I went to my dear friend Lutheran pastor, who is Holy Spirit filled and lead men and told my news from God. He listened to me with attention, then slowly, choosing the right words, he began to speak. He said- it sounds very good but revival has a big price and I do not see people who are ready to pay it. I don’t see people, who are ready to lay down their lives for it.Seven years I lived in faith that Revival is coming, seeing no real evidences. I was doing everything I understood to spread the news and to prepare myself and people around me for coming changes. I encouraged, urged. Many even in church sought I am crazy, most of all when in 2010 I dropped everything at home jumped out of my comfort zone and came to RBI, just because God urged me. And now eight years later I am here in one accord with my wife and son as a part of Revival ministries International, as a part of Great awakening, as a part of Revival and it is taking place! It gaining momentum! And I see America shaking I see the whole world shaking! I see harvest coming in! The new season for this precious seed Revival sown by God has begun! Revival is taking place! –Martins D.

You realize for the first time, a miracle is going on inside your body and you can’t believe it. And from that moment on, that little baby and the mom, they have a thing going on, kind of like the old song.