Darrel G. Testimony

What another amazing week here at the River Church.  God has been doing so many things in the lives of those that have sought Him and have been hungry for His presence.  There have been many things that God has been doing in me and showing me through the course of this week.  One of the biggest things that has become more and more of a reality to me this week is that what God is doing in me is not as much for me as it is for those around me and those that I encounter.  This has been a topic that has been preached for a long time here at the River but it has become more and more real to me over the course of the last couple of weeks.

When God touches me He does it so that I may allow Him to flow through me to touch others.  The calls that I have been taking in the call center have been amazing as I hear the joy and the release in the voice of those that God has touched. The ones that I have encountered on the streets have been so amazing that it is almost hard to put into words.  Everything that God has done in me and for me is so that I may go and touch a generation of people who are desperate for a touch from Heaven.  Seeing people react when they realize that God is not mad at them but rather loves them is something that I personally will never get tired of seeing.  People who were hooked on alcohol, drugs, pornography, and even self despair and defeat until this one encounter with the Spirit of God and will forever have their lives altered and are now bound for an eternity with Jesus is one of the greatest miracles that we will ever have the privilege of witnessing.-Darrel G.

Or, as I call them in pregnancy, the “her-mones” and the hormones and the emotions. And then the physical changes occur. The eating binges. Some caused by the pregnancy, some excused by the pregnancy (laughter).

Jeremy P. Testimony

The last couple of services I’ve had the privilege of serving people all around the world.  I am thankful for the chance to pray with callers that call in.  While I am praying for others God is doing a work in me.  I’ve begun to meditate on the scriptures we read and it empowers me to further understand the hope to which we’ve been called.  In light of this everything else we do in life that does not honor God is futile.  I find myself convicted, repentant, and recreated each time I serve.  I am not saying I’m perfect because all have fallen short of the glory of God, however, I can see God perfecting me each time I serve, each time I pour myself out.

I don’t have to put on a show because it is God that does the work.  I am learning to yield to him and not to my flesh.  I have also observed that when I release myself into the hands of the master.  When I cast my cares upon him, there is always a resolution.  I’ve also found that being in the services the presence of God keeps you, nourishes you, and energizes your mortal body.  When we strive to do these things in the flesh we grumble, complain, moan, and groan.  I pray that I no longer walk after the flesh but continue to walk in the spirit so that I not entertain any moaning and groaning.  Thank you Father God for giving me a new heart and placing your spirit within me; I will overcome the flesh in Jesus’ name.- Jeremy P.

The center of gravity changes, the tummy begins to bulge and you have to say “Bye bye” to your Caborichis ladies and you feel like you’re really large and you’re gaining this weight and you begin to question, “Is it worth it?” and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, something takes place in your life that men cannot even grasp.