Laura P. Testimony

The Great Awakening meetings that started this Sunday have been building momentum within just a short time span of five full days. We have been going live across the world into homes all over America and across the world and the impact has already been tremendous. CTN has been airing the meetings every single night this week and lives are being touched and changed for eternity. People who are flipping through the channels on their tv are stopping to watch the services where the power of God is falling.

While they are watching they are getting saved right where they are, healed from all types of sickness, and set free from addictions and bondages that have been holding them captive. This is only the first week that the meetings have been aired and people are already coming in from all over the world to be a part of what is happening at the River church. This will only pick up momentum as the days and weeks go by. The purpose of these meetings is to bring a Great Awakening to America and bring this nation back to God as our national pledge says, “One nation under God…”

This nation will see a Great Awakening sweep across it from every house. I am so excited to be a part of this and to have the honor of serving during these meetings; to be a part of making an eternal difference in the kingdom. It is so amazing to see what a large group of people we can reach through the airwaves and how they are being touched and changed by the fire of God. -Laura P

So we’re getting now a focus of this word “mother love”. Isaiah 49, God compares His love to it.    Also, the Apostle Paul, tough, direct, restless St. Paul, compared his love in first Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 7 to the love of a mom.

Ruth M. Testimony

God is moving in the Tampa Bay, Florida. If you are hungry for God, come join us and see how he has been touching lives . The Bible tells us that we will see miracles , The blind eyes will open, we will lay hands on the sick’s and they shall recover. One morning, we went out soul winning in a neighborhood in Tampa where I  meet a very sick and blind woman.  I went to her house with a sister in Christ and we prayed for her healing that she may have sight- after we left I called her and she said that she felt a lot better.

A couple days afterwards I called her to check how she was doing she told me that she was totally healed, and now able to freely walk around her home. Last week,  I went to pray with her after I finished praying miraculously, she told me she can see me her eyes opened partial / I brought a new convert with me in her house she saw the guy and started to prophesy to him she described him totally. Hallelujah! Also since, she’s been going around the house, walking and praising God. Praise God her grandson accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior also. Praise God.  -Ruth M.

But as we focus closer, let’s see what actually gives mothers this mother love. What could make a mom tell her son, who has botched the Lord’s Prayer in front of 5,000 people, “Your voice sounded good”. What gives a mom that mother love?

Rom D. Testimony

It’s the third week of the great awakening and God is still doing incredible things in the lives of people around the world.  This week the presence of God was so thick every single service. I did the Great awakening prayer calls on Tuesday and the presence of God was there. There was one lady that called and she said she needed healing, so I prayed for her and I heard the phone drop. I got worried cause I thought he had fallen but she picked up the phone and ask “are you still there?” I said “yes ma’am what’s going on” she said Praise the Lord I’m walking, I’m walking!!! I haven’t walked in years!! At that point I was completely smacked.

God will never fail it’s just completely amazing to see what God is doing to and through people and I’m excited for the things that he is going to do this year.  It’s so awesome we had a Celebrity that was watching us online totally gave his heart to the Lord and he said it himself “I just got the fire of God” and now he’s watching service everyday and God is changing his families life and it’s so awesome!  Who knows who’s watching, God can touch anybody anywhere. Pastor Rodney has been blessed with another level of sharing the Gospel and that’s through television and many lives are being changed right there in many homes. God is so good!! It’s such an opportunity to be apart of this ministry.   –Rom D.

It began at conception. Once a woman conceives, she is never the same, no matter what happens to the pregnancy. Conception takes place and all of a sudden, emotions go up and down like a roller coaster, joy, apprehension, love, questioning, and then the hormones do their thing.