Brandon K. Testimony

I arrived here at R.M.I/The River on 6-12-11 and I only had a bag with the bare necessities, $3, and a pillow. I ended up sleeping outside in a makeshift hammock. I woke up the next day at 6:00am to clean up at the Shell gas station to be ready for my first day of Summer school. After class was over I meet Jeff who was also attending the class with me. We have now become good friends. Jeff introduced me to Payne who allowed me to stay at his house for a little over two weeks. Jeff then invited me to stay with him and Payne also ended up staying with us as well. I lived with them at that house for just under two months. Now God has super naturally provided a house for all three of us that we rent. God has furnished it as well and filled the cabinets with food. I am a living testimony that God will supply all of our needs and more over and abundantly. I believe that this is just the beginning of what God has planned for my life. God is so amazing it’s awesome to see the provision come to me and flow thru my hands for my needs and also to be a blessing to others. God has been taking me from faith to faith and glory to glory. The stretching hurts so good but I love it because I know it will be worth it in the long run. What God can do to me he can and I do thru me. Now classes have just begun and I am so excited for what God has for me and to be in the perfect will of God. I never want to get out of it! I just want to be his yielded vessel and grow to be who he has planned for me to be and fulfill the call of God on my life. I want God to be able to say well done my good and faithful servant enter into the Kingdom of God.

You have scars and you’re trying to camouflage these scars. You’re trying to put Band-Aids on them and I have good news for you from the Word of God, God loves you. He’s loyal to you. His love is devoted to you.

James M. Testimony

One night I just happened to turn on the television to the Great Awakening.  My spirit witnessed with what they were saying and how they were reaching out to people.  When I heard they were offering a $2,000.00 scholarship.  I prayed if it was Gods will for me to go to Bible School, He would open the door for me.  I always wanted to go to Bible School but never had been able to go.  I called in that same night and requested an application form, which came very promptly.  After completing all the requirements I submitted my application.

About six weeks later I received a voice-mail saying I had been accepted to River Bible Institute.  Halleluiah!  I was so happy at first but then I began to think that the voice-mail didn’t say I had received the scholarship, only that I had been accepted to the school, so the next day I called River Bible Institute and kept playing phone tag with the people I was trying to reach that afternoon.  The next morning I called the number back and the operator told me the number could not be completed as dialed, so, I tried about four or five times with the same results.  I called information and asked for the River Bible Institute telephone number in Tampa, Florida.  The information operator told me they had no such listing.  I told her I had used the same number yesterday with no problems.  She asked me if I wanted to speak to her supervisor and I replied yes.  He looked up the number on the computer and said the same thing.  I realized there was no sense in arguing with him so I hung up.  As soon as I hung up my mind took off like a rocket ship.  It started telling me this was a fly-by-night deal and it was a scam and the people had pulled the plug and had run off. James M.

Have you deserted God? Folks, sometimes God is silent and the Bible says “His ways are higher than our ways” meaning we can’t figure Him out.

Rachel P. Testimony

I came to The River in 2005 with my mother and father. My dad attended The River Bible Institute for first year in 2006. I was always one of those people who said, “I will never, ever go to The River Bible Institute.” But, God had different plans. In the summer, before my first year I finally decided to move full speed ahead towards the things of God. I was sitting in my seat at the last night of Igniting a Generation when Pastor Todd started a River Bible Institute and River School of Worship alter call. I sat in my seat, and when it came time for people to go to the alter; I realized my heart was beating fast.

I thought “no way, not me!”, but I knew I should be up there. I fought it for a good five minutes, and Pastor Todd kept the alter call open for a while. I finally decided to just go up, and I lifted off of my chair, and sat back down… twice. I did not want to come. But, little did I know that it was going to have such an incredibly positive impact on my life. Finally, I got up and actually went up to the alter call.

The moment I got to the front I began to cry uncontrollably. I got an application, and didn’t apply for a long time. I actually changed my mind about going a couple weeks later. I was sure I was not going to go. But, then the day that Momentum got back from camp, right when we got off the bus Rom Dacosta pushed me up to Pastor Todd and told him I am coming to school. It became official; I am just going to go…..Rachel P.

But if you trust, if you trust God, if you take His Word and apply it into your life and say, “God, I’m putting my life in your hands”, He will communicate that love, that feeling, that warmth, like words cannot describe.