Daniel P. Testimony

I was about to quiet school, but I couldn’t do. God really spoke to me in New York and I end it up here, at the Bible School. These meeting that we had last weekend was amazing I am telling you. The power of God in this place is just fantastic.

You can explained. The extended meeting for the students last weekend was awesome, my faith in the Word of God has growing since this meeting that we had. I have no words to say thanks for what God does through the school. Dr Rodney Howard Brown, I like to thank you for all the things you have done for us. I love you Pastor. God bless you and every single Pastor….

God says it’s absurd for you to think this way. I love you with a love you can’t even grasp and I believe some of us needed to hear that this morning. Because many have come to the Fellowship of Las Colinas, you’ve walked through the doors of the Arts Center and you’re wounded.