Sharon Testimony

This month I can tell our department still continues to grow. We all go do what we need to do and help each other where we need help. It seems to be more proactive than ever. I see growth and more maturity in everyone. I feel more calm in my mind regarding the day. I think I am learning more balance with work at home and the ministry, and spending time with my husband. I tend to want to work instead of relax, but I am learning to do that more. I’m not feeling as intimidated as I felt before. I do feel even more boldness. The Bible says he who wins souls is wise and I really believe that. The more souls I win, the wiser I feel about people and life in general. Some of my family members’ remarks about what I am doing don’t bother me any more. I realize they are blinded by the enemy and I pray the Lord will open their eyes. I feel more prepared to do whatever the Lord wants me to do. I know he will provide because he always does. It is hard to believe that I only have one more month and I know the Lord still has more for me to learn. I am learning to expect more from the Lord than I have been. He is a good God and wants to only give us good things. He is with us always, even when we don’t feel like he is. I’m speaking out loud how I want my day to go now. It has been great!