Timothy Testimony

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells two parables: the first about the Word of God being sown in four different types of ground and the second about a Pearl of great Price. The Word being sown on different types of ground represents the Word of God and the conditions of a man’s heart, man’s ability to receive what the truth of God’s Word. The Pearl of great Price parallels how once we have found the Truth of God’s Word, how strongly we recognize the Truth and what our resolve to keep and protect that Truth will be. God’s Word can only change us as much as we are prepared to receive it. This is determined be the “temperature” of our heart, or what kind of “ground” we have for the Word of God to take root in. It is, therefore, vital for us to keep our heart in a state of humility and thanksgiving before the Lord. The Pharisees knew the Old Testament forwards and backwards; and yet, they could not tell that the savior of the world had come. We can be in the middle of doing a service in the name of the Lord, even in the very House of the Lord and still not receive the Truth of God’s Word. As long as we are thankful for what the Lord has done for us, consistently acknowledging our debt to him that we can never repay and seeing that only by excepting what was done on the cross can we have salvation, we will keep our hearts in a state of readiness for the Word of God.