Edith Testimony

I always strive to do all things in excellence and will continue to do so but God is showing me not to be so rigid about it.  God has shown me that I can not put pressure on my self because it was affecting every area of my life.  I expected everyone else to be like me, and that’s not how it is.  In releasing this to God, I feel so relieved and find it much easier to walk in love. I still do everything in excellence to the best of my ability and have watched those around me blossom and step up a notch because teaching by our own good example is the key.

I have learned that there are twenty four hours in a day and how to balance those hours between family and ministry.  God has put our family in a position to serve together and we are growing together like never before. Praying in the Holy Ghost has been the only way I have been able to handle all the changes that have come into play.  As I pray in a situation, I get the download on what to do, or say and I am left in peace knowing that God has the person or situation in His hands.  It has been a real faith builder to watch God provide EVERY NEED in EVERY DEPARTMENT that I have been working in.  He has shown me how to get a job done in one department by utilizing an overage in a different department.  God is so Good at showing himself strong in every area of our lives!

Gloria Testimony

The Lord has been teaching me to walk uprightly before Him and by doing that, I shall not lack any good thing. There were times when I would find myself feeling like I was lacking.  For example not having a car or some of the things I want but then I had to realize, ok what do the scriptures say? So I began quoting the Word over my life concerning provision. It honestly has grown me because I now I feel like I’ve been putting my faith out for things and I DO SEE the hand of the Lord making a way for me, when I didn’t see it before!

A big trap of the enemy is discouragement and he will use it to make you feel like you’re doing everything for nothing. Last week the Lord spoke to me as I sat in the very back row.  He said “Faithfulness does not go unnoticed by Me” and immediately, it broke me. It made me realize God sees everything I am doing, and I have no reason to feel like I am alone or working for nothing. Through it all, I have learned to depend on Him.  I’ve become so much closer to Him throughout this time because I’ve been seeking Him more.