Jesus Knows

Jesus needed a vehicle. If this happened today, He’d say, “Now go to the dealership down the road, and you’ll see a car on the lot. Just get in it and bring it over here. If they ask what you’re doing with the car, just say; “My Master has need of it. We’ll bring it back.” There was a need, and God provided for that need.


When they needed the upper room, the same thing happened. In Mark 14:12-16, the apostles said they needed a place to get together for the Passover meal. Jesus told them to look for a man with a big pot and to follow him home. “Go in there,” Jesus said, “and tell them that we need their guest room. You’ll find everything laid out for you.”


God provides, no matter how impossible it looks. He furnishes a table in the wilderness. He makes the crooked paths straight. He’ll provide for you. All He wants you to do is to trust Him. Will you trust Him? Maybe you want to go to Bible school, but you’re worried about your tuition. Would you trust Him? If you can’t believe God for your tuition, how are you ever going to believe God when it comes to funding your ministry or missions operation?


A lot of people have said, “Well, you know, it’s great that you preach this message of provision and all that, but Jesus didn’t have anything and Jesus even said it Himself, ‘Foxes have holes, birds have nests, but the Son of man hath not where to lay His head.’” Jesus didn’t have a home because He didn’t need one. What He did need, He got. You don’t really need anything when you’re all you need. When you walk on water just as a hobby, do you think you’re going to lose one night’s sleep about a need? Jesus knows what you have need of, though.


He knows you have a family. He knows you need to work and earn money to provide for your family. He knows! That’s why He tells you to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added — not subtracted — unto you. He knows what you have need of!


For years my family didn’t need a home either. We just traveled, lived in hotels, and kept our stuff in storage. For years we’d wanted to get a home, but we’d stopped talking about it, because every time we asked the Lord if we could get a home, He said no. I said, “Lord, I’d love to give my wife and kids a house. I don’t want the kids growing up in a hotel room.”


When the revival broke out in central Florida in 1993, the Lord spoke to me and said, “It’s time for you to get a home, son. Go and get some property, and build a house for your family.” So we soon found the piece of property and started building the house.


One day, as I was walking out on the foundation, I just lifted up my hands with tears rolling down my cheeks and said, “Lord, thank You so much for this house for my family.” As I said that, the Lord spoke to me audibly and said, “Son, you’ve built My house for the last fourteen years. Now I’m going to build your house.”


I said, “Lord, do You really mean that? You’re going to build my house?” He said, “Yes, you watch it, I’m building your house. I’ll make a way for you.” Jesus knew my desire. It’s such a pleasure just to come home, to have a place called “home.”


When we moved into the house, I got my wife and the kids together and said, “This home is just a blessing from God, and if God tells us to give it away, we will.” You see, everything we have belongs to Him — we’re just stewards, managers, of what He blesses us with. As Stewards, we need to do whatever He tells us to do with everything we have. So if He ever needs my house, He has it without a question.