Marcus Testimony

Pastor Rodney’s recent series on the word being sown into the hearts of men has been an interesting journey for me. Because of mental reconstruction process that God has put me through since I’ve been here; I had to learn how to throw away things that I thought that I had a good understanding about and receive the inerrant word of God without spot or blemishes. Initially, being brought up in a type of the word of faith movement back home in Panama City, we were taught about sowing and reaping a lot. Most of the messages were geared towards pastor giving us a manufactured conviction message about how we should be giving to his ministry and how to use the Word of God to break down and never building up. We didn’t see a lot of the flaws until our church split years later. I’ve learned under Pastor Rodney that to even be successful in your pursuits of God, you have to know the Lord’s heart. His heart is to be one with His bride, which is his church, which is us. In our pursuits of Him, we are destined, all of us, to find Him and to continue on in our lives with Him. As we spend time with Him, we develop His character and begin to look like and speak like our Father. The word of God that begins to sustain us, and comes out under test and trail, guides us, comforts us, makes provision for us, heals us, and nurtures our spiritual understanding must be sown into our hearts by the Holy Ghost before it manifests it’s work in our lives and brings us into full knowledge of Him.

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