Michael Testimony

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I first heard the word of GOD at a very young age thinking Sundays were a social event. Brief testimony drugs and alcohol for 35 years , I knew something was missing in my life just wasn’t sure what , my heart was hard as a rock , full of anger hate and rage if it was not right I wanted to do it my flesh ruled what I did, if it felt good I did it. My mother and stepfather prayed for me, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 17 + years ago being fleshly and wanting to do things my way did not work. I still wanted my way, God had a plan, I would hear Gods word but wouldn’t stand on it, the devil would steal my joy. Between my flesh and thoughts any little mountain was an excuse to do things my way, finally after three time s in prison losing all I worked for all my life , no friends , no family , nothing left , Jesus Christ had my attention, I know what a merciful Lord we serve , people all over the world would pray for me and Jesus Christ opened the doors for me because it was not a possibility for man or money could not help me but my stony heart was finally fleshly and started producing fruit, if you will speak and hear with faith the word of God it will produce fruit in his time.(Romans 10:19)

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