Paying the Price

Over a period of time, you start to find your niche.

You start to find your purpose, you start to find the plan,

you start to find the direction, you start to learn which

way God is taking you. It is not something that happens

overnight. The Bible says, “Many be called, but few

chosen” (Matthew 20:16). I could even term it this way,

“Many are called and some are frozen.”


God has called people and anointed people, but a

lot of them will never fulfill the call of God on their life

because they are not prepared to pay the price. They are

not prepared to do what God has called them to do. Or

they are not prepared to be faithful in the little. If you are

not going to be faithful in the little, God cannot make you

a ruler over much.


I believe God will use the whole Body of Christ in

this last day and I believe there are people in churches

right now who have been sitting there for ten, fifteen,

twenty years, receiving the Word, who in these last days

visitation from the Lord and God will send them in a

matter of two or three months. They will sell all their

possessions and go on to a foreign field and serve the

Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that with all my heart. So

never say, “God couldn’t use me.”


Everyone is called to stand in the ministry of

reconciliation, one on one, to tell others, to proclaim.

Everyone should be a preacher – a proclaimer – of the

blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can start in your

work place. If you are faithful with that, God might just

increase it and get you into some other places.


Don’t Go Without a Message


When I lived in South Africa, I was teaching at a

Bible school that had about four hundred students. I had

to teach them twice a day, five days a week, on different

subjects. I would say to them, “How many of you are

going to preach?” Everyone raised their hand. I said,

“How many of you have a message,” and no one

responded. “How many would like a place to preach?”

Everyone raise their hand. Then I said to them, “Get a

message from God first, and then get a place to preach.”

What is good in having places to preach if you

don’t have a message when you get there? Do you know

how many ministers are that way? They look for places to

preach and when they get there they haven’t got a

message to give. God will give you a message. God will

give you a word and when you are faithful to deliver that,

He might give you some more.


Such As I Have


As the Apostle Peter said, “Silver and gold have I

none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus

Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk” (Acts 3:6). We must

give what we have on the inside of us. It flows forth out

of us, bringing life wherever we go. People look at my

ministry today after thirteen years and say, “It is so

wonderful how things are going and God is blessing.” But

they don’t know we have been to hell and back to get



We must have the determination to obey God and

to keep doing what God has called us to do. We cannot

worry about what other people say, or the rejection that

will come our way. We cannot be hindered by people

who will talk evil about us, who will make up stories

about us, who will slander us.


You make the decision in your heart to walk in

love and to obey God and do what God has called you to

do. Ultimately, when it comes down to the bottom line,

it’s you and God. No one else is going to make it happen

for you. If you are waiting for some hand out, you can

forget about it.


Start doing whatever your hand finds to do. There

is a progression into the things of God, into the anointing.

These things don’t come overnight. God is not going to

take a ministry, like some of the great men of God have

had, and suddenly give it to you in one day. It takes time.

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